Feel good by spending a little.

I once read that when times are tough women buy lipstick. It is a small item that (usually) costs next to nothing and can make the world of difference to how you look and subsequently how you feel.

My favourite example is during the war (both WWI and WWII) and money was short: Women replaced their stocking/pantyhose with eyeliner lines drawn down the back of their legs and wore lipstick to feel feminine, desirable and poised- both affordable make-up items. The same happened after the wars (especially after WWII) when the men returned and were unable to find jobs and again, budgets were tight: Christian Dior’s “New Look” (see images below) was introduced and bright red lipstick became the popular accessory owned by most women. I love how fashion is a mirror image of society and social economics.



Here are a few other things to do and buy that can make you feel like a million dollars for under very little:

  1. Underwear. It does not have to be fancy, just new.
  2. Bring ‘n Braai. Rather than throw a dinner party, ask your guests to all bring something.
  3. A nice soap or bath salts. There is nothing nicer than relaxing in a bath of luxury.
  4. Going to the movies on half price night. In all transparency, it is simple escapism and for one hour you can forget about your worries and for the small price, it is worth it.
  5. A new pair of earrings. A little bit of bling goes a long way.
  6. Buying a new nail polish (but again this is a cosmetic). It is cheaper (and more fun) to spoil yourself by asking you sister, daughter or best friend to give you a manicure with your new nail polish (and the deal usually means you have to do it back so you both feel great).
  7. Go for out for an ice-cream instead of a supper. The funny thing is, I have even done this unconsciously in the last two weeks. This could also be related us getting some summer weather finally though …. um
  8. An interesting one is getting your car cleaned. I had this discussion with a friend a few days ago and we concluded that whether it is a luxury is decided by your gender. He argued that he enjoys washing his car becuase he is proud of it, whereas if I had the extra money, I would (without a doubt) pay for somebody to clean my car. To me getting it cleaned is a luxury but to him, not.
  9. Buy a single rose instead of a bunch. …I’m going to head out and buy one right now becuase just the idea makes me smile and feel special…

0 thoughts on “Feel good by spending a little.

  1. Marian says:

    1- It is true, although sometimes, certain days of the month , nothing beats those old comfy granny type undies!
    2- I tried and my dutch friends almost have a panic attack…
    3-Stopped doing it when I started to feel guilty for throwing away too much water. Freakink consicence!
    4-yes please!
    5-yes again….please!
    6-Since I started doing ceramics and wet felting on a (almost) daily basis, I stopped giving myself or getting manicures… you reminded me now!
    8- car cleaning… psychoanalysis has said so much about men who feel proud of their cars as if they were an extention of them… say no more. My car should be a nice place to be in, but -again eco reasons- wasting all that drinking water in cleaning my car every week when there are people dying just for now having a drink of clean water… no. Ideology does not allow me to do this. Now, to the point you are trying to make… yeah… I woould have someone else doing it, not so interested in cleaning…anything for that matter! least fave chore!
    9- lovely!

    I re read the list and I sound like Im standing on my soap box giving an eco speech… forgive moi. Not the intention. But yes, little things can improve your life…isnt happiness in small things?

  2. Meg says:

    Its totally true about lipstick, I sell make up and my sales have actually PICKED UP since the economy downturn.
    I have to agree 100% to that list! Those are all of the things that my SO and I have found ourselves doing. Gelato is our favorite, cleaning his car is his favorite. While I’m at the University he’ll spend five hours detailing it.

  3. sue says:

    Great post, also I’m honoured to be listed in your list of blog reads, so is it ok if I reciprocate and feature you in my next blog of the week post? Just a few pics of your lovely work and a little bit of info about yourself, fave media, inspiration etc


    c/o sooziebee

  4. wendren says:

    ha ha

    I went and bought myself a rose, new undies, got earrings as a present just the other day (which I think counts) and went out for ice-cream on Saturday. :)

    But….I did clean my car on Sunday which was not a treat as I did not take it somewhere to get done. :(

    Guess you cannot have everything even if they are only small treats.