7 things i love

I got given the Kreativ Blogger award by Kim Gray (thanks) and as per the acceptance agreement, I must list 7 things I love. No problem :)

1. My pets becuase they always make me laugh.


2. Enjoying a good cup of coffee with a friend or loved one. (Origins Flat White (aka cuppachino) is my favourite and second best would be the cuppachino from Knead on Muizenberg Beach front).

3. Decadent and delicious chocolate. I WISH we had Ragusa from Switzerland but becuase we cant get that in South Africa, Lindt is hardly a sad settle.

4. Fabric shopping is a sensory overload – texture, colour, print and smell. I love it and these photographs of African textiles by Neville Tricker.


5. Sketching becuase going into that silent and intense moment where you are concentrating on your subject rather than on your thoughts is meditative for me.


6. Being outdoors. I am not very good at lazying about so I usually have to do something active like going for a brisk walk, swimming or paddling. The endorphins that kick in afterwards are the best. Also, I can eat a big meal and not feel an ounce of remorse.


7. I love my blog. Some days it feels like just another thing on the to-do-list but all the same, I enjoy writing and then hearing back from you. You make my day. :)

I’m passing the kreativ blogger award on to:
Chraka PennyWhistle, Jezze blog, Oneundonly, The Observer, The 6o’clock stitch, Devi Van Zyl, Glad to be a girl.

5 thoughts on “7 things i love

  1. debi van zyl says:

    thanks!!! I finally got through my list… just need to pass it on now. but thank you again for passing it on to me. i love you list.. ditto on the fabric shopping :)


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