A Box Of Treasures

A box arrived at my post office and opened to reveal a treasure: natural colour dyes. There is Indigo, Purple blue, Rose Fuschia, Anise and Jujube. Colour is my weakness and dyes are my dream, as many as you know. I have a collection of unknown natural dyes and mordants and even though I do not know how to use them, I love soaking in their colours. Now, thanks to my very dear friend Daniela, I have a collection of ‘named’ dyes and have decided to share some of the stories of the colours with you over the next week.

0 thoughts on “A Box Of Treasures

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    Daniela says:

    jipiii, I’m so happy that you finally got the parcel and that you like it! I nearly got crazy because it took so long and I already feared that it wont arrive anymore….


  2. Florcita says:

    This is so very cool! Have you asked Jenny Dean at her blog? She is like the queen of natural dyes and a very cool person too. She has loads of info in her blog… wild color I think it is. Her books are amazing too.

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