A cup of orchids


My mom grows Orchids at the back of the house and this year they have bloomed, bloomed and bloomed. She has given away to just about every relative and still there are not enough vases for them all. My branch of buds are now dying and the beautiful flowers are falling off one by one but I cant bring myself to throw them away becuase the colours are still gorgeously saturated. Instead I put them in a cup of water and over the past few days, this cup has become rather full.

To view more of my orchid photographs visit my flickr orchid photo album.

One thought on “A cup of orchids

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    Steffi says:

    How wonderful!Your cup of orchids looks beautiful. I love orchids too and I have 3 pieces at home on the window but they are only for indoor.

    Have a nice day,Wendren. Andre is now on the way to CT …I am so excited.

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