A Guinea Pig Day

My day started last night when we were discussing how in some cultures, guinea pigs are eaten for supper. This was just one of those unusual and nonsense conversations. Ironically this morning I got a phone call from my mom telling me her story about a guinea pig that somehow seemed to be the mould of my day.

Walking out of school yesterday my mom noticed a ‘bergie‘ walk past her pushing a trolley. In the trolley, in a bird cage, my mom spotted a cute little Guinea Pig. She asked the bergie where she got this poor creature from and in a accent that is very unqiue to Cape Town, she responded “No mad’am, I promise, I had found it!” When asked what she planned to do with it the women replied that she was hungry and would eat it. My mom quickly offered her R20 for it and walked away with the ‘rescued’ Guinea Pig. It found a home with one of the children at the school’s after care.

My day was filled with unexpected news that although good, is life changing for some, followed by a very serious meeting that had me shivering with nerves all day (I am not good at formal meetings especially when a product that I really believe in is hanging on it) followed by mad dashes around and panicking about a huge wholesale order that will come through. Not to mention that I have not even begun to think about packing for my holiday at the Addo Elephant Park which starts tomorrow. I feel a bit like that poor Guinea pig about to get eaten hoping to be rescued.

7 thoughts on “A Guinea Pig Day

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    Ruth says:

    When I was in Peru for my birthday one year, I was offered roasted guinea pig as a birthday treat! Needless to say, I went without…Have a wonderful vacation. I’m sure the elephants will be amazing to see.

  2. wendren says:

    Ironically the conversation was started by a girl who is from Peru. I also did not know that how we say ‘lama’ is incorrect and it is actually pronounced as ‘jama’.

  3. nic @ nipitinthebud says:

    it’s true they do, in Bolivia where some of our friends moved to last year. He caused an outrage on Facebook when he posted that he’d eaten it!
    Enjoy you break away and let memories of anxious meetings melt away.

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