A moment in time

I cannot dust under the carpet that I have just had the most amazing break and reached one of life’s greatest thresholds: I got married. I am now a wife and have a husband (which feels all very grown up).

Our professional photographs by Nastassja Harvey have not yet arrived but I will share these, with more of a story about the day, when they come.

For our honeymoon we decided to do things a bit differently. After a few days away alone we joined up with 11 close friends and went rafting down down the Orange River Gorge with Gravity for 5 days. The river has been in flood and one rapid in particular even had the guides swimming (not a reassuring sight when you are waiting for your turn) but they were amazing at rescuing us all which was just as well. The rest of the day was spent floating half asleep in the water forgetting everything.

It was the best break I have had in years. There was nothing to do at all, the food was absolutely amazing, the guides did everything and you didn’t have to lift a finger. There was no place we had to be, no mention of time – just self indulge, enjoy the spectacular scenery and relax.

I have had the most wonderful three weeks of my life. Friends and family are so special and when everybody comes together to celebrate an event like marriage it does make you reflect that love truly is the most important thing in life.

13 thoughts on “A moment in time

  1. Marie-Louise says:

    Oh, wow, congratulations – soak up every minute of it! There’s just such a glow pre- and post-getting hitched, isn’t there? And the goodwill! Everyone, friends and family, and even perfect strangers are always so excited about weddings and things. It’s like we’re all hopeless romantics at heart.

    Best to you and congrats again!

  2. Danya says:

    Congratulations and best wishes. That’s a lovely first wedding photo, and your trip sounds like the perfect marriage-beginning!

  3. anja says:

    Congratulations to a wonderful couple, looks like a great choice for a honeymoon getaway, different from the normal tropical island “hop aways”. Here is wishing you both the very best.


  4. Steffi says:

    Congratulations and our best wishes for you and your husband!You looks great and I am sure you had a fantastic wedding and honeymoon!


  5. kbd says:

    congratulations! It looks like a wonderful way to celebrate… I know the idea of “husband” and “wife” can feel so grown up, but it is the best thing ever :)

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