Amy Butler’s bags and fabrics

I am an absolute fan of Amy Butler’s bags and fabrics. I came across her bags and fabrics in about November last year and she became one of my main inspirations in starting up Wren.


She started out making small passport sized bags, then started creating surface designs for a friend and feel in love with it. From there she started a sewing pattern bussiness and slowly it has grown into the Amy Butler brand. Now she has a team that manufactures handbags, pillows, fabric journals as well as paper craft products, Soak and Sweet Life Bags. The lines are produced in limited quantites and do go quite quickly.


I love the concept that you can either buy the completed product or the DIY complete kit that comes with instructions, the pattern and the fabric like what Lisa has done with her Velma bag.


One of my favourite things about her bags is that they are shipped inside a resusable drawstring tote that can be used for storing the bag or a multitude of other things. I think this is a brilliant idea.

0 thoughts on “Amy Butler’s bags and fabrics

  1. Lisa says:

    Fun post. Yes, Amy Butler has a remarkable story. Her fabrics and patterns are wonderful and always quite easy to work with.