Beautiful Money

My mom arrived the other day carrying a small but heavy looking plastic bag. She had been clearing out my Gran’s home and came across all these beautiful old coins. All the valuable ones she kept but as for the rest – well she wanted to know if I could use them…

I spent yesterday afternoon turning each one over in my palm admiring the intricate details. The patterns and designs I found really amazing. Here are some of my favourites:

Look at the colours too….

The oldest coin in the collection is this one:

It is 4mm thick (I measured) and is quite heavy too. It is from Britannia and is dated 1797! That is even before the Victorian era! I wonder what it bought? Was it a banana, was it a horse, was it somebody’s monthly pay, did it sit in the gutter….I keep wondering where it has been, what it has heard and what it has meant to its owners. Lastly, I wonder how it got to South Africa. It must hold so many stories… is fascinating to try and imagine it’s journey.

0 thoughts on “Beautiful Money

  1. phillygirl says:

    I love old money ! I have an awesome collection, including notes which have become more interesting to me than coins in the last few years!

    I really like the colour gradient picture you took of them :) And my favs are always the oddly shaped ones or ones with holes in them. The designs are sometimes so fascinating.