This weekend I went camping at Beaverlac. It is about a 2 hr drive out of Cape Town and then over the Cederberg mountains (you need a ‘proper’ car get to down the steep dirt track). Once there it is beautiful: hot dry air met with cold refreshing spring water.


We took lilo’s and floated away starring at the fish swimming below. There was no cell phone signal so I suffered a bit from ‘internet-lessness‘ but that added to the relaxation factor.


At the one waterfall there was a very cute Wagtail that hung around.


Later we discovered that he had nested right next to the waterfall. See the tiny red arrow in the picture below (far right).


It was a wonderful weekend but now I am back running around and sewing till midnight.

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  1. Steffi says:

    Wow…looks like a great weekend.What a wonderful place to relax and such nice weather.Here is it stormy and grey every day at the moment.Enjoy your weather!