Best of the exhibition

There are always so many fantastic student projects and works on display at the CPUT Design Exhibition but these few really stood out.

Reflective embodiment of nature’s elements by Kirsti Van Zyl (Surface Design).

Surfboard hanging solution by Jasper Eales (Industrial Design)

Nayra Negrao’s fashion range that has complex visible dimensions.

Helena Klawikowski’s folding chair (Industrial Design).

‘Commentary on Street Art as inspiration for Jewellery Design’ by Marcelle Segal (Surface Design).

Aimee Lottering from Graphic design had some wonderful linocut work. For the last month I have been working with Aimee developing a design for a new packaging for the Wren PPC Cement Laptop Bag. Need-less-to-say, it is already looking wonderful. I cannot wait to see it finished.

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