Best shots

Jeremy and I enjoy taking photographs and playing with the different settings but it is rather intimidating when the car next to you rolls down their window and out zooms a 50cm long lens – you get camera shy in a different way. Either way, we did manage to get some really lovely photographs.

Beautiful elephant

Half of the photographs are sitting on Jeremy’s brother’s computer in Johannesburg becuase we forgot the second memory card and thus, had to empty the first memory card onto his computer so it will be few days before we see those images. But of the one card, this zebra and elephant are my favourite.

To see more photographs visit my flickr kruger set.

One thought on “Best shots

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    Stephanie Lloyd says:

    Just when I was sitting back, feeling so pleased with the herons and horses on my blog, there you are…on the other side of the world with elephants! Zebras! Cougars! Yikes! I am going to have to step up my game! I can’t wait to go back to that sea weed lamp blog. You are a real trip…thank you for all of this fun.

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