Somethings Blue

A few of my favourite ‘blue’ finds on etsy:


From top left in clockwise direction: Framed Pouch with middle divide which I love from Field of Roses. Handbound books/journals from Orangebeautiful (I am saving up for one of these). Print of an original photograph digitally mixed with painting called Fleur Violette by labokoff. Hand twsisted copper wire sitting red fox with bushy tail from Copper Creation. The Adorn Jewelry shop is an absolute treasure find with pendants such as the crow flies. Japanese Aizome print fabric by Karaku. The pattern is the traditional antique design of Japan and is beautiful. I wonder if it is dyed with real indigo??

0 thoughts on “Somethings Blue

  1. Aimee says:

    Very pretty, I like the blues. I seem to be drawn to blues lately, I could buy any of your picks, but that pendant is my favorite.