Burnt Proteas


This last weekend Jeremy and I decided, spontaneously, to go to Beaverlac for a break. On our way up a friend phoned to let us know that there had just been a huge fire there and he wasn’t sure if the camp site was open. Determined to go on a weekend away Jeremy and I decided to take a chance.

Burnt Protea

There had been a huge fire two days before (on the Tuesday) and it had striped the mountains of any green and everything was black and ash. However, I think that the silhouettes of burnt proteas are almost as beautiful as when they are full of colour.

Burnt Protea

I have no idea what type of protea bush these burnt flower heads are from but this was my favourite silhouette. It is like a star covered in cotton wool surrounded by blackened petals and stems. The contrast of texture is wonderful.

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