Casamento Opening

Last night jeremy and I went to the Casamento Showroom and Pop Up Shop Opening which is at the Old Biscuit Mill in Salt River.


It was by far one of the best openings I’ve been to – small, not pretentious and good food (made in awesome small clay ovens).


Henry (and Eve who are the designers behind Casamento) used to work on film settings and it really shows – the layout, composition and selection of products showcased were wonderful.


There was such an array of South African design. Bamboo lights by Weyers Marais, Bulb lights by Porky Hefer, furniture from Peddersen+Lennard, ceramic cows, a standing light laser cut out of cork, artworks, …and spot the Wren bags resting on the cabinets.

Being a bad blogger, I forgot my camera so I grabbed Jeremy’s iphone and shot away. I am sorry the quality is not great but I thought it was more important to show you why you really should go and take a look at Casamento’s Pop Up shop and showroom. I’ve always been a fan of Casamento‘s work but this….all together….is a real treat.

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