Cat Bed

I looovve this cat bed by likekittysville (etsy).

The bed is molded of steel mesh that has been upholstered with some gorgeous retro fabrics (the fabric bed can be removed and washed). The base is wooden.

I think my Mischief, who seems to get fatter everyday, would love one. I know I would becuase he would then stop meeowing at me to get off my computer chair so that he can sit on it (he is a very demanding cat).

I inquired about shipping one over to South Africa but the shipping comes to more than the actual bed and it sadly does not feel justifiable. :(

My dogs still adore their suitcase petbed. I keep promising to make them another one becuase Katie seems to also take first dibs and then does not share.

0 thoughts on “Cat Bed

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    Steffi says:

    Nice pictures of beds for your pets!Yes, that´s true sometimes are the shipping costs much expensiver as the product!
    Have a nice weekend!

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