Chill Out Carpets

Having just written a post about some inspiring posters and then my home-made coffee bag carpet I thought I would share these funky, with a touch of modern-day-kitsch, motivational carpets by Chill Out with you – a mix of my two posts:



The carpets are 100% cotton and are hand woven locally in Cape Town. They are also printed locally by a job creation initiative…and what is really cool is that you can have any colour you want printed!


An even greater thing about Chill Out carpets is that a large percentage of the profits goes to Nkosi’s Haven: a Johannesburg based non-profit organisation that  cares for destitute HIV positive mothers, their children and AIDS orphans. They do not just raise money for this foundation but are actively involved and every year fly two ‘Haven’ children to Cape Town on World AIDS Day to enjoy a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ with them. I think this is very special. (The photograph below was taken with the cast of the theatre production: High School Muiscal)


So buy a Chill Out carpet, give and be inspired.


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