Dark Red

What is the difference between maroon, burgundy and ox-blood?

Maroon & Burgundy Antique Linen bag

Maroon comes from the French word maroon (“chestnut”) and is a brownish-red like the suede leather on this ‘antique linen and leather bag’. Did you know that the word maroon used as a verb is to put (a person) ashore on a desert island and abondon that person there, as pirates or mutineers sometimes did (ref).

Ox-blood is also said to be a brownish-red colour but richer and brighter than maroon. The pigment comes from a rare type of Italian coral but the colour is said to look like that which an ox bleeds, hence the name.

Burgundy is a colour name that has its origins in a French wine region and it refers to red wine. The first recorded use of burgundy as a colour name in English was in 1915 so it is a relatively new name. This is the colour of the double stripe that runs through this ‘antique linen and leather bag‘.

Now you know something you didn’t know before …

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  1. wendren says:

    The other colour name I found interesting is “Puce”. The name “Puce” has it’s origin in French (first used in 1787) and literally means “flea”. It became a colour name for describing the colour of the belly of a flea which is dark reddish-brown or dark purplish-brown.

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