Drinking Water

I am not a fizzy cold drink fan nor am I a fruit juice fan really. I am through and through a water glugger but I am not sure about drinking water in a box (found via dieline). What do you think?

Coincidently the evening after seeing these I was shown an article in the local paper with water bottle facts that made me think twice.

Did you know that that bottled water is one of the world’s biggest pollution problems? I did not.

Did you know that 26 billion litres of bottles water were consumed annually around the world? That means that some 28 billion plastic bottles are discarded annually – about 1500 per second. …and if that is not bad enough we used 17 million barrels of oil to make those plastic bottles (an amount which could have kept 100 000 average sized cars on the road for a whole year).

I reuse my plastic bottles (not just becuase it is green but also becuase it saves money) but this too is terrible I learnt. See, even if you opt for plain old tap water and keep a plastic bottle of it in your car, the plastic leeches  dangerous carcinogenic chemicals into the bottle and you drink poisoned water in your bid to be planet-friendly. Oh dear.

Perhaps boxed water might not be that strange after all. If anything, it has to be better than what we are doing to our world and our bodies by drinking water from plastic bottles.


4 thoughts on “Drinking Water

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    anja says:

    I guess its all in the head kinda thing. Boxed liquids like milk or wine or juice we got used to…cans are the worst due to the aluminium, personally I would like all my liquids in glass and that we can recycle, just not very convenient to carry around…maybe everything should be from tap and you have one glass bottle for each. Like getting the olive oil from tap and putting it in a dark bottle that you use for that purpose…
    Greetings Anja

  2. Jesse says:

    I heard a report yesterday that gave Cape Town tap water 100% for purity – I suppose the best thing we could do would be to carry around glass bottles of tap water.

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