Finding Inspiration

Today I’ve got inspiration ‘block’. This is not something easy to overcome so I turned to the internet and found this post by Elite called “Feeling the need for some inspiration on Monday”. Inspired by it I decided to list the things I know help me. Here they are:

1. Write a list of things you are thankful for. Neilfa from ‘The Observer’ blog has just done this and I loved reading it. When you do this you are full of positive grateful energy and your mind and heart open up to receive inspiration.

2.a. Flip through some old magazines that relate to your niche. Libraries are great places to get these and you will be amazed at the inspiration you can draw from them.

2.b. I have books I call my ‘inspiration scrapbooks’. These are books I have filled with cutouts from magazines and print outs from online of things that I find interesting and/or inspiring.

I love these books and love adding to them. By doing this I am internalizing the inspiration that I have collected and it’s like giving a tired plant water, it does not take long for it to perk up. This activity is water to your inspiration. I really recomend starting an inspiration book. My mom started one two years ago and has surprised herself by keeping to it. She has one for all the things she likes and finds interesting and another full of recipes she wants to try. I love paging through her books becuase her collection is so different to mine. We pick up different things and this is refreshing.

3. Take a walk/do some exercise. Sometimes getting out to clear your mind and breathe some fresh air is all you need. When you come back you are energized and more than often, rearing to go.

4. Open up your RSS page and see what other designers are up to. If you do not have an RSS feed, visit Design Alltop which lists the best/top creative websites and their current posts. It is always nice to see what other’s are up to and creative ideas usually stem from it.

I could probably come up with a lot of ideas but these are the ones I religiously go to when I am feeling uninspired. I hope they can help you.


0 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration

  1. Nielfa Hanifa says:

    Thanks for the link love Wendren!

    I’m having that “block” as well this morning. While studying we were also urged to keep something similar to “inspiration scrapbooks” called visual diaries, basically the same thing actually. It’s really fun to do, but I tend to forget to add to it after a while. How do you manage to constantly update yours?

    I think I could do with some exercise though, haven’t done yoga in ages!!!

  2. Steffi says:

    Yes, that´s a nice post again!
    I find some inspirations to me in diffrent books too.So I bought a new book of Amy Butler which I show it in my blog too!
    I love to buy such creative books!Have a nice and creative Monday!

  3. elisaann says:

    I wholeheartedly agree that going for a walk is a great way to get inspired. It’s just important to remember to be in the moment and take in all that’s to see in the walk (as opposed to being lost in thought and being oblivious to the colors etc). I don’t have an inspiration scrapbook but it looks like a really good idea – I may have to follow your lead on that one. Hope you are well, Elisa