What a lot of Fiiissh!

On the way back from my seamstress yesterday I noticed that the fish sellers had managed to string drying Snoek along the full length of this school fence (200m long and I counted nearly 1500 fish). Salted and dried Snoek is a delicacy that is used to make the traditional stew called Smoorsnoek.  Honestly, I have never tried salted and dried Snoek or Smoorsnoek. After seeing sights like this where the fish is dried opening on rusted fences, I do not think I want to.

P.S. I couldnt fit the whole image in without making it tiny. To see up-close, click on the image and a larger version will load and you can zoom in.

0 thoughts on “What a lot of Fiiissh!

  1. Avatar
    Kat says:

    Hmmm… not sure I’m that keen either after seeing this hygenic drying system :)
    Ps. Congrats on the little HL feature!

  2. anja says:

    Oh no, you missing out on the Cape Tradition. One can get some nice dried and smoked snoek at the Kalk Bay Harbour and make Smoorsnoek but a real Capetonian needs prepare this meal…

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