A friend wrote a post about the paddle bags I have made and has left me pretty shaken (to put it mildly). Signing up with the mutual admiration club here, Alexa Cole is somebody who I admire hugely (again, an understatement). She can do whatever she sets her mind to whether it is being a sales rep (which everybody said she couldn’t do) to being a medalist at the International Canoe Marathon Championships and THEN to opening her own business: Orka Paddles, and making it a HUGE success. But enough… let me leave it at that. Our friendship is one that I treasure.

But the point of my post is that I came to a big realisation. I have been putting work above everything, hiding behind it as a great excuse for just about everything. My friend circle is barely a full-stop now and that needs to change.

I need to start making time for friends whether it’s a simple cup of coffee or a whole day gallivanting wherever. Just because the day does not fit into my ‘to-do list’ does not mean it is any less important. Friends are important and I need to prioritise them. I’m even thinking of giving up the fight and joining the dreaded facebook.

0 thoughts on “Friends

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    Andrea says:

    This is a great post, Wendren… Very timely for me. I had a day of sushi and shopping with a friend on Saturday and it was wonderful. I don’t make enough time for my friends!

  2. Andrea says:

    PS… I recommend giving in and joining facebook. Not only have I reconnected with my long-lost school friends who live far away, but I have also stayed more connected to my friends who live near me. Another benefit is that I have reconnected with my cousins. It is also nice to see a different perspective on what my sisters are up to… rather than just what they tell me.

    There are definitely drawbacks, but I think that the benefits are worth it.

  3. Jesse says:

    I’ve also realised this recently. Although one coffee date a week is hardly a party lifestyle, making the time for it has helped to put work into perspective; I’m going to carry on doing so.

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