My world has been turned upside down for the past two months. My computer went belly-up and I attended the funeral with tears and much anger. I am not shy to say: “never buy a Packard Bell in South Africa”. Today I got my laptop back and tomorrow it goes in to be operated on and have its hardrive removed. For two months I have recreated almost all of my docs (which has made Pye very upset because she never got ‘her’ chair until late into the night, hence carefully placing herself between my fleece and my pulled up knees. It is a bit awkward and after a few minutes it becomes uncomfortable for me but she is so cute and I like the company).


I have been working on a borrowed PC and last week I got a mac which is exciting, but the new interface and operating system has really pushed my patience. I’m at my wits end with these machines …where do I start and where does it all end? Please, cant I have some normality back? It will be nice to just work and not have to ‘made-do’ with temp docs or programs.

0 thoughts on “Frustrations

  1. nic@nipitinthebud says:

    Hi Wen, I feel your IT pain but persevere with your Mac and it’ll be a loyal and trusted friend for years to come and never let your down. I have an ancient G4 powerbook and inspite of transferring everything to a less old second hand MacBook I can’t bear to part with the old girl! My excuse for the moment is not having time to learn the ins and outs of Pages when I have word on my old computer!

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