Has the Design Indaba Expo gone to the dogs??

I am sure you will agree with me that one of the saddest things about the Design Indaba Expo was that no camera’s were allowed in. I could not believe how foolish this was as for them it is free advertising. I would have taken photographs and blogged away about the event but now, all I have is snippets of visuals stored in my head. If they are worried about people ‘stealing’ and ‘copying’ ideas then they should just as well have the event on the moon.

I collected a bunch of cards thinking I could show you some of my favourite items via websites (see Design Indaba exhibition list) only to discover that many of these were not online. Sorry. :(

BUT here is something I did manage to find that I can share with you:
At the Design Indaba they had this really fun exhibition of Bowow dogs. The idea was to take an original Magis Puppy (designed by Eero Arnia in 2005) and ask various local design firms to groom and coiffure a puppy to showcase the South African design spirit to the world.

The best part is that these dogs can go home with you if  you fall in love with one. All you need to do is place the highest bid in an online auction. Below are my four favourites:

Miss Elcycer and Doggy Style (this reminds me of my dogs swimming in a nearby stream).

Fluffa and Sprout (I adore this name).

P.S. Heather from the Elle Deco blog managed to get some great shots though. Visit the blog here.

0 thoughts on “Has the Design Indaba Expo gone to the dogs??

  1. heather moore says:

    I agree with you to some extent about the pics. I got to take them because I had a media pass. Maybe next year a bunch of design bloggers should motivate for media passes on the basis of the fact that we’ll blog about the event? Why not?

    But generally, I find the DI’s online visual side really weak. They post the teeniest images on their website and blog. Actually, what they need to do next year, in my humble opinion, is employ a design blogger who understands the blogging format and audience (such as yourself) to blog for them. It’d really be worth their while, I bet!

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