0 thoughts on “Help Elisa name her art

  1. nicoleleeartistry says:

    That is a lovely idea that elisa has! I think I may have to borrow it for my blog now and again. I’m always wondering about names and what a nice way to make a blog more interactive! Thank you for sharing! Her artwork is so attractive. I can certainly see why you like it! — FYI…my supplies are coming to me in the mail. When they arrive and I finish, I’ll let you know! :) I’m so excited!

  2. wendren says:

    The idea is so fantastic and her art is so beautiful. It is great to be part of such great art by helping to name. It is also great to be able to own a little piece of them that people like me, struggling to make rent kind-of-artists, would never be able to afford otherwise (I am hoping, one day, that I can though).

  3. phillygirl says:

    hmm … something weird is happening to your comments ?!? I’m looking at the “New Bags” post but my comment ended up on the “Help Elisa Name Her Art” post … eep!