Household Garbage

How absolutely fantastic are these ‘Garbage’ objects by Gilles Eichenbaum! His website is all in French without an option to translate so I spent the better half of the morning jumping between google translate trying to find out a little more about these lights that I wish I had.

His story is full of quirks, laughs and very honest truths. He mentions going through twenty ‘crappy’ jobs in ten years and never doing any of them properly. He studied journalism which he jokes only took taught him to sell drafts and understand press relations. When asked how he started ‘Garbage’ his response brought back memories of my grandparents … he traveled a lot and when only at one place for a short while, you make a plan for a table, a light and so on. He never thought this would inspire him or become his living.

When asked if he was worried about calling what he makes ‘Garbage’ his reply is his slogan: “Your garbage cans are talented, although I differ from them.” I think many of us would disagree. The ability to see this kind of potential in household objects that have been pushed aside to the back of the cupboard is a talent. I have a coffee perculator that the rubber seal has gone, perhaps I should find someone who can weld it into something like this lamp below for me.

12 degrees 5‘ is Jeremy’s favourite item (below). I love how we each choose two very different items as our favourites – you can see the feminine vs masculine taste in each. ha ha

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