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I have not been very good with cutting out and copying found inspirations into my ‘inspiration book‘ for ages. I do not know when last I bought a magazine for that matter. Now-a-days I right-click an image and select ‘save to inspiration file’. But this is not quite as enjyoable as cutting and sticking and then at a later date, paging through. Note to self: must start books again.

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  1. D R E W says:

    this is funny… i’ve been doing the same thing. i was cutting and pasting images in to my journal and now i just put images in to a folder on my computer desktop. i miss cutting and pasting (the real kind, not the computer kind.)

  2. elsa says:

    love love love the journal scribbling and collecting… it’s an art
    i like your bags too… are a lot of your materials recycled?

  3. wendren says:

    Hello Elsa,
    My bags are not directly recycled but they are sustainable and have elements which are recycled. Let me explain: The English fabrics are from the ends of rolls which means that they cannot be sold as they are intended (ie for upholestry) as there is not enough. The Coffee Sacks have made their journey from the coffee plantations to the coffee shop and are no longer needed so I take them on. The buttons are from wood scraps and so it goes. As you can see all the bags have an element of recycle but are more just about making a product from something that has lost it’s original value.
    I hope this explains it. Wendren