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I have a bit of a thing for really good underwear, or if you wish, lingerie. My Btech Surface Design thesis was a combination of undergarments, organic fabrics, rich natural dyes and feminism. It might seem strange that I now design bags…but in a way they are similar. They are both accessories, they act to beautify oneself and like good underwear can make you feel more confident, so can having a beautiful bag slung over your shoulder. If you have a bag you do not really like, or is old and grubby you kind of hide it away under the table or under your jacket….if you are wearing old underwear, well like my mom has always said: “You better wear good underwear just in case something happens and you land up in hospital and everybody gets to see it”. :)

Anyway, I came across this post titled ‘Competitive undies’ in Style Bubble the other day and just have to share it with you. Although the lingerie, (a term I am never quite comfortable with, as it implies black lace and suspenders…but underwear is such a dull term…), is completely unpractical I love the way it has made ‘lingerie’ artworks. They are not showing off the female figure as advertising today does but celebrates the items of clothing as art.

The ‘Triumph Inspiration Award’ competition challenges talented young design students from 60 design schools in 31 countries to bring their very own inspiration to the most personal of garments. The Gala Finale is in Beijing in July where the winner will receive 15,000 Euro and her/his bra and brief set will be manufactured and sold as a limited run of 10,000 sets.

Here are some of the my favourite finalists:


From left to right: Guo Jian Aloysius Liew’s design called ‘Curious’ inspired by childhood and toys; Arnold with ‘Sir Hoodie’ inspired by underwear in motion; and Amy Drumm with ‘Le Bateau’ inspired by oil tankers.

And the three winning designs in the UK were:


From left to right: 1st place went to Valerie Cn Kittlitz’s design called ‘Velocity’ based upon the notion of speed with a ‘road map’ leotard and leggings; 2nd place went to Rachel Hewitt, who based her ‘Botticelli” design on an updating of the couture techniques used in making crinolines and corsets; and 3rd prize went to Gregory Lewis’s ‘Staci’, who used a women’s 5-a-side football team as inspiration.

I’m quite a naturalist at heart and for this reason I have to say that I have two FAVOURITE’s. I absolutely love the structure and texture created by Rachel Hewit’s Boticelli. It is feminine without being overpowering. Arnold’s ‘Sir Hoodie’ is a favourite because the way in which he has represented motion using twists in the fabric and exaggerated lines and shapes has brought out a really strong feeling of flow that I just love.

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