Inspiring Images

Neville Trickett has an amazing talent of finding the common thread between two images that make them stronger together, and as one image. He has put together ‘series of composites’ and I find each one as inspiring as the other however, to keep this blog post short and reader friendly I put myself through the terrible process of choosing a my favourite collection(s) and of each, a favourite pair of images.

The RenaissanceI love these images becuase they are so elegant, subtle, and the sense is of harmony. I love what Neville explains as the essence of Renaissance design: “Reducing the clutter in favor of the meaning.”

Soft and PowderyI love these images becuase they are wonderful. The colour, texture and facial expression on the little girl is so expressive yet plain. Love the juxtaposition.

Neo RealI am a fan of botanical drawings so how could I NOT love these images above. So delicate and I love the translation into glass with the wrought iron twists. As Neville puts it: “…inspection of the most microscopic of detail with the touch and feel of the familiar.”

Dress CodeI had to add this collection in because when I was a little girl I dreamt that for one day everybody would have to wear ‘big’ dresses, like in olden-day-times. The one on the right is made from Shweshwe and I would LOVE to wear it.

Nature of PrintThe purple-dipped butterfly is too gorgeous for words placed together with the image on the left.

Escape to RealityI  love how the aloe on the left radiates out and the textile on the right creates a lovely flowing feeling that compliments as an opening flower.

Natural History of ThingsThis collection is probably my favourite. The leopard placed with a old autumn leaf could not be more beautiful. Simple, the correlation between the two is obvious and yet precarious.

As you can see there are an abundance of beautiful pictures on Sain Verde Digest.

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