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On Friday Monika Fecht from Renolit introduced the new colours and surfaces for interiors, (and touched on the colours for fashion as this is where so much stems from), for 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. In general the colour palette was very subtle, almost sun-bleached but certainly not washed-out. The colours are fresh and sharp but not garish or contrasting. A kitchen covered in red is out! Think matt white, dry beige, straw yellow flowing into honey shades, terracotta reds and blueberry – doesn’t that sound mouth watering? There is a growing need to yin and yang harmony and balance and this need is directly reflected in colour and their combination’s.

For interiors the trend colours were grouped into 5 stories: White Galaxy, Arid Earth, Sahara Desert, Blue Ocean and Green Oasis.

WHITE GALAXY is just as it describes – think of distant galaxies, shimmering stars, the darkness of space, crystalline structures. The colours are matt grey with silver, anthracite and deep black. Materials include silk, crepe, lace, organza and woven-in metallic’s. Inspirations are in filigree designs, geometric structures and open-work patterns. Close your eyes and dream.

ARID EARTH is hot and glowing. Copper, bronze, rust orange, fired clay, dyed leather, saffron, mandarins, golden bronze, cedar and walnut (I love all these wood and nut colour names – the colours associated in my mind are so appetizing that I just want to soak in them).

Have you ever been to a DESERT? It is dry and faded, with touches of amber and white gold, ochre, caramel, chestnut and honey.

The two new stories to the palette is the green and BLUE. The blues enter as a continuation of the grey and opens up into softer and happier environment. Petrol blue and other dark blue shades (including blackberry) are being paired with off-white, beige and light yellow and are replacing the hard contrasting black-and-white that has been around for the past few years. This combination conjurs the image of materials that show their traces of age and a mix between gentle nature and modern technology is found somewhere in the middle through smart techniques lending a smooth, finished appearance. Materials include glass, moonstone, cotton, smoothed hessian, wood.

I always find GREEN to be an interesting interior colour becuase it either works or it doesn’t. The trend story presented was of green tea(s), pistachio, ecalyptus, poison khaki (I love this name) and other exotic shades of the colour. It is used carefully and seems to work but perhaps I’m not ready to embrace such a green in my living space yet … however, it does bring freshness and life to a room so perhaps I need to give it more a chance.

The highlight colour is PINK that blurs into berry tones, mauve and rose. This colour creates an impression of fragility and softness in any environment.

In general, people today want quality and to be able to live with a colour for the next 10 years (at least). This is another reason why the colour palettes are becoming softer, more mutes and less contrasting.

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