It’s a chicken week

It is Monday and I am excited that this week I am able to concentrate fully on Wren again (for a while). Every now and then I do an odd graphic commission and more often than not, I’m helping lecture at the CPUT. I love doing it but it does also put a lot of pressure on my time. This week is all about Wren and what better way is there to start a week than with some inspiration drawn from my new favourite animal: the chicken.

I love this composition. I find it’s colourful and unique cluster so characteristic of chickens.

Mieke Roth has attempted to draw, in pen and ink, one chicken growing up every day. His drawings are truly wonderful and are an inspiration to me to pick up my pencil and draw again.

chickenI do not have a chicken but if Kitten does not move with me when I move, I would like a chicken please. If the neighbours object then I might have to go for one of these recycled plastic chickens that they sell on the road side here in Cape Town.

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