When I first read Daniela’s tag ‘Jujube’ I was a bit confused. The name rung some bells but I had no idea why. Reading I now realise it is because it is also the name of a fruit, one I am sure I would have come across living in tropical Mauritius. In Burma this fruit is used to dye silk and the bark used as a cinnamon-coloured dye. aha.

Jujube is amazingly sweet-smelling and is said to make teenagers fall in love. As a result, in some places, men take a stem of the Jujube flowers and put it on their hats to attract women (ref).

I could not resist the temptation and dipped my fingers into the yummy orange-red. Without thinking I went to wash my hands only to turn them vibrant orange. I quickly grabbed a cutting of fabric to see what colour that would turn – what a glorious orange!

P.S. These photographs might appear to be hugely edited but they are not. Look at my hands and you will see that their colouring is natural. The orange is as bright as it appears.

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