Linn Olofsdotter

Linn Olofsdotter is one of my all-time favourite illustrators. She is from Sweden but resides and works in Boston. I first came across her work in the front of a magazine that I had bought for next to nothing and I thought the drawings were too beautiful to tear out – so I still have the magazine! Several times I have used her illustrations as inspiration for many project front-covers. Now that I have discovered her website I wish I had more projects I needed to develop front covers for.

Linn’s creative process starts usually with drawing, either with good old fashion Bic pencils or MICRON ink pens. She doodles and these drawings often, together with background textures (either photographed or painted) create the illustration. In this way her work can be thought of as a collage. Only once this process is done does she open up Photoshop. She says she works with between 200-300 layers and I cannot wait to tell all the people who always scream that I am using too many layers in my documents with a mere 30!!!

When asked in an interview by the Art & Illustration Community what advice she would give to an aspiring illustrator she answered: “stay away from Photoshop filters”. I think, as a textile designer, I need to take this advice to heart too – filters are always such an easy option when designing for a client. But NO, I must remind myself to be true to talent and resist the temptation to take the easy road. True rewards only come after a rugged journey…and if my rewards one day look as wonderful as Linn’s, then it will be worth all the extra hours.

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Linn Olofsdotter

  1. So stunning! And I love how her website looks like that game you play where you have a long piece of paper and fold it up – draw on one section and continue the lines slightly for the next section then try to draw from the lines you left at the top. Very cool.