Making trash beautiful

I have not seen something this exciting for a while. Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program partnered with the Design Center at the Philadelphia University to wrap 10 rubbish trucks with bold graphics inspired by historic textiles collections. By doing so they introduced the students to textiles from around the world – a class I would have loved to attend. To read more click here.

I wish all rubbish trucks looked like these. The service that these trucks provide beautifies our cities so why not make them beautiful?

0 thoughts on “Making trash beautiful

  1. deanna says:

    “rubbish truck” sounds so much more pleasant than “garbage truck.”
    We should make all city vehicles look this cute. I’ll bet the drivers are even in good moods driving them around town. I would be!

  2. anja says:

    Oh wow, can you imagine proteas and other indigenious flora on our ugly trucks and trains…hm, what a cheer on a grey day.

  3. elisa says:

    that’s really cool. you’re right – they should do this on more garbage/rubbish trucks it would really make it seem less dreary.

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