Green stars, paper rolls and brown books

These metal drawers remind me of my wooden library ones. I wonder what their original purpose was. I love the green stars.

star-boxesPacked high up to the ceiling were these cardboard rolls. From far they looked like a giant honey comb.


The book shelves that were filled with brown paper folded and bound books were beautiful. I love how each one is different, how they are each stacked to be the same but yet are not and I love that the writing on them is all jargon to me. It adds to the wonder of whats inside.

Photographs from the Chief Directorate of Mapping and Survey.

0 thoughts on “Green stars, paper rolls and brown books

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    Steffi says:

    I agree with you : the rolls on your second picture looks from far like a giant honey comb.
    I like the first photo with the green stairs.Have a nice day,Wendren!

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