More Like a Butterfly

All day I dash and dart around like a crazy fire-fly. I always feel like I am running out of time and I get myself all worked up. When I finally get to cool down my head turns into a worry pot of lists the I still need to do. My friends, family and boyfriend are always on at me to take things slower and although I agree, it is not always that easy. So, I have compiled a list to help me.

1. Walk slowly.

2. Take deep (slow) breaths. One big one is usually enough for me. Kind of like a big sigh.

3. Drink a cup of tea (or coffee) outside and focus on nature.

4. Take your dogs for a walk. They always make me smile and laugh and before I know it, my worries feel lighter.

5. Soak in a bubble bath.

6. When I have a head full of worries I buy Worry Whispers. Whispers are a pack of round chocolate balls. The rule for them is: As I eat one and the chocolate melts in my mouth, so must the worry.

7. Get into a warm bed.

8. Do not over think/analyze.

9. Chew your food – four times.

10. Read a novel.

11. Speak slowly and be ‘present’ in the conversation.

I want to try and savour each moment instead of rushing to the next. If tasks take me 1 or even 10 minutes longer, it is okay. I want to be more like a butterfly and less like a fire-fly.