My Dawanda Pinboard

Clockwise from top left: A cute little Peek-a-boo Cat Pillow is hand-embroidered by SunnyDay. This, the ‘stop slamming doors Silencio‘ by Deezign is so clever. It is simple and effective – much more practical than clumsy door stops and sand bags. A set of three gorgeous magnetic pegs decorated by Najade. I love this happy pair of New Zealand Red Robyn bird brooches made from strong card by funiscool. An eco-friendly and stylish ‘Fantastic Not Plastic’ unbleached cotton shopping bag by Golcarhouse. Beautiful Strawberry bird print by lilypang in Singapore. Humurous and fun ‘Pimp my wool’ knitting bag printed and produced by Delavalle. This bag is sure to be a talking point in any knitting club! My last favourite are these Flower Wall Decals from Decorette cut from high quality vinyl with a matte finish.

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