My Etsy Trade

I am so excited today – my granny came back from Europe (England, Germany, Ireland and Scotland) and has brought me my etsy trade (which got sent, by request, to where my granny stayed in England).


The trade was a Small Anemone pendant from Harriet (beautyuncut) for the Aquamarine and Indigo Geometric Shweshwe Small Town Wren Bag.


Harriet, after receiving the bag, wanted to send me something extra (lucky me, I know) to say thank you. Ironically, it arrived two days ago (before my granny). What a wonderful surprise! Thank you Harriet.


Thank you Harriet for my new pendant. It is so me! I love it. The craftsmanship is gorgeous and overall, I ♥ beautyuncut becuase my pendant is truly BEAUTIFUL!


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