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Next to my spot at the Neighbourgoods Market there is a shop that showcases ceramic artworks and along with starting the morning with freshly baked croissant, I must stroll through it. Clementina Van Der Walt, the shop owner, is one of favourite crafters and even if the work on the shelves is the same, I always find it amazingly inspirational (and P.S. she has a great blog too).

I love the organic lines of Clementina’s work – There is a peace that can be found in it.

Clementina’s inspiration is West African textile designs and the African landscape. Perhaps that is what I love most about her work – the sense of Africa transcends through her designs.

One day when I am big (hint hint, Wedding Register Idea) I would love to own a Clementina bowl and a Hennie Meyer vase (or in the correct description term: vessel).

There is such a fun and quirky element to his designs that it is hard not to fall in love with them.

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This is a Merry-Go-Round post and Ruth, Lily, Fabienne, Mariana and Agathe have all written about their favourite crafters too.

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  1. easterya says:

    Always a feast for the eyes and a voyage in another world… I just love coming to visit your blog Wendren, it’s escapism without fail!! Wonderful art too!! =D