My neighbours

I have the cutest couple living next door to me: two Rock Pigeons. I first noticed them one evening when they were perfectly huddled around a lamp – it was a perfect picture and I wish I had taken the opportunity and snapped away. But, as always, I did not and the next day the lamp was taken down (they are doing alterations/revamping the National Monument next door) and the couple found a new place to sleep. They did come to visit but the photo opportunity had passed.

Now that the lamp is hanging up-right again my fluffy neighbours are back and I am happy to see them as in love as ever tucked away under a new roof.

P.S. The photo would have been cuter if the lamp light was on as it used to be but they have now put a garish spot-light on the corresponding wall so there is no need for it other than novelty…and that it is the two Rock Pigeons home.

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