My SA Blog Nominations

Yesterday I cast my vote(s) for the SA Blog Awards but in order to do this I had to visit as many of the blogs listed in the finals as firefox would allow. This, although a long process, was very interesting becuase I came across a lot of new fantastic blogs:

P.S. I am visuals person so it is unfair to say that the list below is a true reflection of the best blogs becuase if a blog has no images there is little chance I will hang around long enough to read the titles of the post let alone the articles (I am being honest). For this reason I captured an image from each of the blogs nominated below for this post.

Please find this ..........(Nominated for Best Photographic/Original Writing blog)

…... ‘Cape Town Travel...(Nominated for Best travel/group blog)

‘Between 10 and 5’ ...(Nominated for Best New Blog)

... ‘The Given’ .........(Nominated for Best Design Blog)

Some of the blogs in the finals I already know and LOVE. These were easy votes: Skinny laminx’s, Kim Gray’s and Dave Duarte’s.

0 thoughts on “My SA Blog Nominations

  1. anja says:

    Thanks for sharing because it is quite a daunting task but soooo inspirational to find some ueber talented locals amongst the local blogwaves…its like finally having and coming to a home to check out, amongst the northern hemisphere “dominerance”. Congratulations on getting this far and all the best of luck for the next step….


  2. Tara says:

    Thanks so much for highlighting our blog too. It’s pretty new – only been around since December – so we’re still trying to get people to visit it and contribute.

  3. Atotorkehooto says:

    Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor :)

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