Number 60 Trees


My house has the most amazing trees. They are over 100 years old, as is the house, and you can spot them in any postcard of Fish Hoek or in any history book (although much smaller).

My house was first bought by my grandparents many years ago and has since been passed down to my grandmother and now to my mom. It was the one of the first homes in Fish Hoek so it really has a monumental history and not only one made by family. Sadly this is where the chain will end but these trees will carry on growing and always be beautiful.


My house looks out over the ocean towards the rising sun. These pictures of the tree were taken early this morning when there was still a golden glow to the air, hence the glow to these pictures.


The tree’s are a type of Mountain Cypress. My grandmother declares that they are one of a kind here in Cape Town but we are all certain that there are more of them around although nobody knows for sure.


0 thoughts on “Number 60 Trees

  1. Avatar
    Steffi says:

    I love such old trees! Wow… you must live on a fantastic place with a great view to the ocean! I wish I have such view too …
    Thank you for your message…. ;O))

  2. Marisa says:

    There is one of these at the Holy Trinity Church in Kalk Bay (as well as one or two other spots) and I can’t help but stare when I pass it. They are so grand and dramatic with their crazy angles and intense foliage.

  3. wendren says:

    Hi Marisa,
    Yes, there are quite a few cypress trees around but my granny is quite insistent that the ones that grow in front of our house are different in some way. She knows the most about this house so we take her word for it although, as I said, we think she might be mistaken. Either way it does not really matter becuase they are unique in every bend and twist. I love these tree’s. :)

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