Pet Lamps in Zurich

Alexa and I in Zurich

Europe is wonderful because it is so different (from South Africa that is). One cannot explain what it is like to see artworks that you have learnt about in books, to see buildings that are older than your mind can comprehend and to experience a way of life that is not orientated around your car. It is refreshing and in that, inspirational. However, there are the obvious design inspirations that I could not pull myself away from. For one, I was completely blown away by all the amazing lights that I saw: standing lamps, desk lamps, ceiling lights. How adorable are these animal lights?


My favourite light from this collection is the fish.

Fish Light

One thought on “Pet Lamps in Zurich

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    Steffi says:

    Great photo´s and nice to see you!Yes,Europe is diffrent to South Africa!Especially the lifestyle in the Middle of Europe is very diffrent … Germany is is stressful and hectically.That´s why many Germans want moving to the Switzerland.Your next time in Europe you must come to us-okay?!
    The animal lamps are beautiful.My favourite lamp is the giraffe.

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