Plastic Bag’s

The other day I published a post featuring Jason Rosenberg’s collages and ‘statement’ (as he calls it). Whilst going through his website I discovered this FANTASTIC project he ran called ‘Plastic Bag Happening’.

How it worked was you were invited to come to the ‘Kiosk’, which was arranged to be open for a few days, and bring a plastic bag. Then, when you left, you had to take a different plastic bag with you – in essence, leaving the one you came with behind.

This project was basically a ‘celebration of plastic bags from all over the world’ and thus, a cross-pollinationon of colours, textures and ideas.

At the ‘Kiosk’ Jason sat at a sewing machine ready to create other related functional items to sell – presumably from the plastic bags.

I think this project ran last year in July but non-the-less I loved the idea. Plastic bags are everywhere. Come to Africa and on just about every fence you will see a selection pinned to it (although it is much better now because a few years ago we started paying for the plastic bags). Every country has a different design, style and use for these bags – wouldn’t it be fun and interesting to see them, marvel at the differences, and similarities, and wonder where they have been.

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  1. Steffi says:

    Yes, that is a great project and a nice idea!I think everyone have at home enough plastic bags at home and every country have diffrent bags.Interesting to see how diffrent.