Practical Plastic Reuse by Blank Entity

For some reason plastic (which is my least favourite material I must add) keeps popping up. Browsing through my favourite blogs I came across this nifty way of reusing plastic bags:

The plastic bags used to make Blank Entity wallets are not manufactured or bought. Like what Jason Rosenberg did with the Plastic Project, plastic bags are collected, donated or submitted and come from a wide range of places.

These wallets also do not impact the environment in any harmful way thereafter. No grommets, glue or fasteners are used. Blank Entity wallets are simply and effectively fused.

I think that ideas that take an overseen product and change it into something of purposeful value are brilliant. For me these wallets are inspirational becuase all it takes is to see potential where other’s cannot. The world is full of waste and undervalued products that often equate to litter. We have filled it with this so the challenge, as I see it, is to look with a new perspective, be creative and have some functional fun. Great one Blian!

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