REbound Books

I am so excited about this company I discovered yesterday called Rebound Books. They find beautiful, neglected hardcover books and rebind them with a creamy, matt, environmentally friendly paper. These hand-bound books are made by a master bookbinder who thread-sews and glues the book together. The quality is high, the result is a durable and totally unique journal, diary or sketchbook.

This one is my favourite. Isn’t it beautiful…


Occasionally an original section of the book with the blank paper is binded in but only if it feels right. :)


You also get to decide if you want to keep the original insides of the book or donate them to a school with literally no library resources.

…and it gets better – Rebound Books is South African based!!!

0 thoughts on “REbound Books

  1. phillygirl says:

    That company really is fantastic :) I discovered it in time for Xmas last year and got my sister a fantastic journal. I just looove the concept :)