Reconstructred “Choas T”

On the theme of recycling I love the work by Justina and Faith Blakeney and Ellen Schultz from Compai, a crafty design studio and clothing label. They focus on eco-design and DIY. Their website is an joyous hoot and their products are as much fun.


Their t-shirt project is one of my favourites:

They recently moved from Italy to the Big Apple and designed this top call this top the “Chaos T”. The textures and the shapes are like the towering skyscrapers. The result, like the big city, is chaotic, yet beautiful.

For instructions on how to make your own “Chaos T,” go to Supernaturale.

I love the simplicity of this project – we all have those over-bleached poor old tees scrunched up at the back of our drawers and never worn….who knows, this might give it some life back.