REcycled Tuesday

Here is a collection of all my favourite recycled things from etsy.

Clockwise from left to right: 1) The Alexander Mandinka Hand-Bag which is made entirely of reclaimed and recycled men’s suit coat coats. 2) Reiter8 pillow made from recycled sail boat sails! Reiter8 also make fantastic bags so go and check them out. 3) Polka Dot Suede wallet by Nicaeli made from recycled leather. 4) Earrings by Debby Arem made from recycled circuit boards. 5) 2ReVert pendant made from 100% post-consumer recycled skateboard. One side features the skateboard graphics and some usage marks, and the other side shows off the inner coloured layers of the skateboard. I love this! 6) Hand stitched little bird cut from a collection of bird inspired stamps from Cotton Bird Designs paper and fabric aviary.

0 thoughts on “REcycled Tuesday

  1. catherine says:

    Have just found your lovely blog via skinny la minx. Love the recycled thing too, and have my little etsy shop with that very theme! Really love your birdy purses.