Shipping with Mielies

At Wren we hate plastic and love packaging.

Pursuing sustainable options at every opportunity we already use wrap-and-tie board based packaging that can be used after unwrapping as a folio cover, desk organiser, gift wrapping or recycled.

Finding a sustainable alternative to our courier supplied plastic satchels for posting was the next natural step in wrapping, packing and posting with care and respect for the environment!

Our eco champion staff member, Melany, researched and discovered local Cape Town based company: Mielie Mailers and starting chatting to our preferred local courier Fastway trying to find a way that they might accept these bags instead of their special colour-coded courier supplied (and plastic) satchels.

With success!

How? We moved to an online waybill generating system with Fastway called e-wallet that allows you to print sticker waybills that we stick to the meilie mailer. We bought the compostable satchels from Mielie Mailers which we use instead of the prepaid satchels and with the two ways of packing, we are able to post parcels with our favourite couriers plastic free!

Here is the breakdown about Mielie Mailers:

100% compostable: Mielie mailers are made from spoiled corn (unfit for human consumption) and are 100% compostable designed to completely degrade in to H20 & C02 without leeching toxins into the soil. Do not throw your mielie mailer bag into your bin, rather put it in your compost heap or bury it. In six months it will completely decompose! Read more.

Carbon Negative: With each delivery sent out using a Mielie Mailer, they offset double the carbon emissions of that delivery (doubled) by planting trees in deforested regions across the world. Read more.

We incur an extra cost to use Mielie Mailers instead of pre-paid satchels but the cost to the environment when we use plastic is far greater and therefore, this cost is one we proudly cover.

We would like to challenge all couriers to change from using plastic pre-paid satchels to using mielie mailers. There is every reason to and little reason not to.

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