Shopping in Salt River


On Saturday Jeremy and I decided to stop by all the antique bric-and-brac shops (the ones you are always curious about but never find the time to ever stop and go in) on our way home from Cape Town along Salt River. It was most interesting.


When the shops ran out of space to display things they stack them. I found these ‘stacked’ compositions to work from a design angle and not just from a practical point.




As can be expected, we did not buy anything but it was definitely a wonderful way to spend a rainy Saturday morning.

0 thoughts on “Shopping in Salt River

  1. Avatar
    Adele says:

    Hi Wendren,

    Hope you’re well!
    Where was the first pic taken – the one with the two cupboards? I’ve been looking for a cupboard exactly like those!


  2. wendren says:

    Adele: The name is something like: Antiques and collectables.
    The shop is on the same road as the Biscuit Mill but quite a bit closer to cape town. It is on the mountain side of the road and opposite and old petrol station that no longer operates. I hope you find it – sorry my directions are not better.

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