Silk Ribbon

I am so lucky! One of my best friends from Switzerland sent me this unbelievable package of silk ribbons found in the attic of the architecture firm she was doing an internship at.


Apparently until 1930 silk ribbon was produced in the building. The ribbons are in perfect condition, wrapped carefully in rolls of paper that have yellowed over the years. The calligraphy on the rolls is even gorgeous. I am sure they are done with a real ink pen too. I feel like a princess running my fingers over the smooth texture of the ribbons.


Thank you Alexa – you know me so well. I could not dream of a better gift. Now I just need to find a purpose justifiable for the ribbon. When I hold it in my hands and close my eyes I can see beautiful empire line dresses with silk ribbon sashes tied around with a big bow on the back – perhaps I will need to make one for this reason. They are …. there are really no words to express how beautiful I find these ribbons. They are so old, so special and so valuable. Thank you! Lucky lucky me!

0 thoughts on “Silk Ribbon

  1. anairam says:

    What an amazing find – and lucky you for being the recipient of such an inspiring gift! I remember that Caroline Quartermaine book from years ago – Unwrapped – and she had this fantastic scene of a big high-ceilinged room in a French apartment with ribbons hanging down from the ceiling and a single flower stem tied to the bottom of each – I still want to do that one day ,,,

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